Monday, October 24, 2011

I know who my best friends are :)

As most of you know, I took the kids and we headed down to Moab this last weekend for fall break. I wanted one last vacation in the trailer with the kids, and there were some families in our ward that go every year and I was invited. I figured I would try to be more social and get out of my comfort zone, and I knew the kids would have fun. I was right, the kids did have fun, and I definetly got out of my comfort zone; way out. I learned a few thing on this trip; I love my trailer (which I already knew), I love camping (also already knew), and that I enjoy camping with my kids alone better than with a huge group of non family members. The girls were non-existant and I didn't like that. I like having them around. we play games and just have fun. Sammy hung on my like a little monkey, which drove me nuts. It was fun, but not somethign I will do again. I write this post however with a purpose in mind; I want to do more campign with all of you. The trip we had at fallen leaf was amazing and I loved it and so did my kids. I enjoy being with my family more than anyone else, and I want to do more campign trips with all of you when spring rolls around again. I plan on doign a lot of camping this next spring and summer and want you all to consider it more. So next time you plan a camping trip, please let me know so we can join you :)