Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Here is a map of the camp. I know that Michelle is interested in staying away from the river (and bears, if possible). I figured you'd all want to chime in on where we should here you go.

Can't wait!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jenkins UPDATE February

Oh Vegas...
everything a little bigger, bolder, and barer.

(This is the indoor waterfall inside the shops between the Venetian and Palazzo.)

100th Day of School Celebration!

This was a great day!!
So, as most of you know I LOVED Yosemite when I went last year and have been dying to go back. Without question, it was better than any vacation I've been on with the kids. However, staying over an hour away was not fun and I decided that next time I go, I'm staying in the park. Here's the problem - I don't love to camp and appreciate a bed and electricity. You know, the little comforts that make life livable!

So, I did some research and there are a number of options inside the park. The Housekeeping camp is what I think to be the best option. They are 3 sided (concrete walls) little cabin-type things, with a covered porch and canvas wall for the fourth wall. They sleep up to 6 people, have the beds (you bring linens), table, chairs, and things like that. Yes, they are common bathrooms, but it's about $80/night and in the park and not a tent. I called Lisa and she said she was in for June 2011, and so I invited everyone, and everyone seems to be good with it. I haven't talked to Renee about it yet - doing that today. So, I think that it would make a good family reunion. Yes, it would be a little more expensive than some of you are comfortable with, but if you think of it like me, as your family vacation for the year (some of us only take one), then it's not too bad really. Emily is in charge of the reunion and thinks that the reunion part should just be 3 or 4 nights. I however, am going to stay from Monday to Friday cause I Love it. Here is a link to read about the lodging

Check it out and tell me what you think. I'm not going to force anyone to enjoy the most beautiful park in the world, but I do think you would have fun! I need a final count because I can book them for next June on June 1st of this year and they fill up very fast!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Becca is a star!

Rebecca is in a musical theater class. They are putting on a musical that is a mix between Wicked and Wizard of Oz in May. Last night they get there casting assignments. I almost cried when she told me she gets to play Glinda (the good witch). She was thrilled and hung the little star on her door that had her assignment on it. I am so proud of her. There is no one as enthusiasic as she is, so I think she will be perfect.