Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't Eat Pinenuts from China!

The minute I swallowed my first bite of Cheerios this morning, I knew something was up. All day long I have had a very bitter, metalic-type taste in my mouth, especially when I eat. After hating my delicious left-overs, I looked it up on WebMD. Pine Mouth came up. So I clicked on that. It has an article about people who have an allergic reaction or the like after eating pine nuts a day or so before. I was shocked; I had the same symptoms and I made pesto the day before yesterday, of-course snacking on the pinenuts too. (I froze the pesto for later use, which I don't know what to do with now.) Anyway, it looks like pinenuts from China are the culprit. I do love pinenuts, so I really hope that I can still eat them without this horrible consequence. They say the yucky taste will last about 2 weeks. Oh my. Don't eat Chinese Pinenuts!


Okay, so that I don't lose this again. . .

have: Isabel, Sammy, Grace, James, Will

HAMMONDS have: Clara, Elisabeth, Lucy, Adam

CLAYTONS and RASMUSSENS have: Joey, David, Ryan

DELONGS have: Andrew, Katy, Lulu, Davis

HILLS have: Jane, Quinn, Becca, Zachy

RICES have: Jack, Lily