Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Jenkins Update

Here is what has been happening around here since Gary and I got home a couple of weeks ago. Pretty much life as usual.

Science Fair Project

Pinewood Derbybob

High School Musical on ICE

and FINALLY...


Way to go Skinny-Quinny.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've been promising a travelogue,
so here it goes.

Lisa & Gary conquering the rock wall.
Very, very cool -
in spite of the smelly stink blowing downwind from the smokestack.

YEP - inside the ship.
Our favorite towel animal.
Thanks Babette.

Belize City, Belize

After tendering from the ship into Belize City we drove for about an hour to Jaguar Paw Park and spent the day cave-tubing and zip-lining.
You know, stuff we would never do in real life.

Cave-tube train
Melodee, Lisa, & Jane from Edmonton
Out of one cave and into another.
This was fun...sort of like the old Mesa tree house line...
only there was no trampoline to land on...
only a small Mexican man to stop you.
(Notice the cool platforms.)

Costa Maya, Mexico

Being indulgent is exhausting,
so we spent our day in Costa Maya relaxing on the beach.

And when sitting became too exhausting,
Gary found another way to relax.

Couldn't resist -
$20 got his 40 min massage and then 15 minutes on my feet. Aaahh...

This isn't an add for skin cancer prevention -
I only include it so that you can see the monster of a ship we were on.

The happy couple overlooking Costa Maya
after a great day of doing nothing.

Cozumel, Mexico

The $11 for the 30 minute ferry ride from Cozumel to the mainland
should have included a big bucket for each rider - it was BAD!

Mike & Melodee
Gary & Lisa
Kristen & Mike (from Orem). We don't know them - do any of you?

more Tulum
For all the pesos in our pockets
we got this sweet ride back to the ferry
courtesy of Jalepeno.
If only Jalepeno could have gotten us back to Cozumel...
oh, that nasty ferry!
Last night on the ship. I'd say it worked -
we look more relaxed and ready to face reality again...
until the next cruise anyway!

Ft. Lauderdale Airport-
5 hour wait for our plane -
only available seats.
Wheelchair races anyone?