Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thanks a million!

So Saturday was a GREAT day! It was so fun to see everyone at Lily's baptism (Lisa we missed you guys) and it was especially fun to have everyone over for lunch.

Knowing the kids were eating everything down in the basement I had mentally prepared myself to find Hurricane Katrina down there. I figured I would find fruit salad and frosting smeared into the carpet and on the walls. Can I tell you how surprised I was when I went to down to the basement after everyone left and it almost looked like the little cleaning fairies had visited me! There was not a single stain!!! In fact the only trace of food I found were a couple of lingering paper plates and a few bread and cake crumbs! Not only that, but the majority of the toys had been put away and cushioned put back on the couches. It took me all of five minutes to get the place cleaned up, vacuuming and all. What GREAT nieces and nephews I have!!!!! And what great parents they have for training them to be so well-mannered in someone's home. THANK YOU!!!!! It made it all that much more fun to have you here in my little house!