Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Sweet William

I just loved this note and thought you all might enjoy reading it.  He has transposed his "p" a few times and misspelled other things, but it is sweet.  I love that boy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sisters Trip Budget Info

Hi Girls!


I have come up with a rough budget for the Sister's Trip. This was a complicated task though because I haven't gotten a whole lot of feedback from anyone (other than Jen) on this...so I am not really sure who is coming. Well, I know some of who is coming. So I just went ahead and figured everyone is coming, except Renee (and even she may be able to work something out to join us for a day, but I didn't count her when I was putting this budget together). So, my definition of everybody is: Me, Lisa, Jen, Michelle, Melissa, and Mom. I need to know by the 21st if you are or are not coming and here is why. We are planning on going to a show on Thursday night and then tickets are selling quickly...especially in the price range that I am looking to buy in.

The other tricky thing, budget-wise is that we aren't sure if we are going to be staying in the condo of Roy's associate. So I have decided to just add in condo rental costs into this to be on the safe side. If so get to stay there then that will save each person about $100.

Ok, so for the budget...for the show, pedicures, meals out and in, and the condo it should be about $220 per person. I went on the high end of everything, so this should be more than enough. I wasn't sure if we should try to pay for everyone's gas to get there. What do you all think?

Please please let me know what you are planning. Soon! It will be lots of fun and I am super excited!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tonight at the Hammonds we were watching Finding Bigfoot. Funny show! One of the "researchers" says to a guy that thinks he "ran into" bigfoot;

"since you didn't see it, it's probably a sasquatch"

Seriously. Then they say, when they hear coyotes "sasquatch and coyotes usually live in the same area, so this is a very squatchy area."

Do these people actually believe what they are saying! Our question was, as they were telling us what sasquatch eat, is how do they know what they eat or where they live, since nobody has actually EVER seen or captured one. Fools.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sister Trip Info and Plan...thus far...

Hi there girlies!

I am excited to announce that St. George is the chosen destination for our sisters' trip this year! Won't that be fun! Here is the plan...

Date: Wednesday July 18th to Saturday July 21st
Proposed schedule --
Wed: everyone arrive, really whenever you want/can. Chill by the pool, go out to eat at some fun restaurant, play games

Thurs: Early morning hike, sight-seeing (here are some possibilities) --
Brigham Young Winter Home
Jacob Hamblin home
St. George Tabernacle

Tuacahn on Thursday evening to see "Hairspray" (such a fun show with such great music)

Fri: pedicures in the morning, temple session in the afternoon, calzones for dinner, evening hike if we are up for it.

Sat: Big breakfast, go home whenever you want.

Really my plan is to just spend time together. We don't have to do all the things mentioned above; those are just suggestions/ideas (although Tuacahn is kind of important to me). As it gets closer we can talk more about it. The one thing I need to know soon about is Tuacahn so that I can get tickets bought. We can talk about it when we go out to eat in a few weeks. So be prepared to talk...

Now that you all have the dates please start to plan accordingly. I am going to start planning the budget and let you know as soon as I can how much you can plan on spending.

This should be lots and lots of fun!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Time for an update...

Here's our recent life.
Hope you are all well.
We LOVE you.