Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just call me Snow White.
I'm sure we saw a singing bluebird or two as well.
(This was heading down our driveway Friday morning
as we headed out for Twin Falls)

The little girlies loved following Calli around -
her train never touched the ground!

And no, that's not Michelle in the back right corner.
Just the older, shorter version - you inspired me Shell...bangs and all.

This is how the girls ate

**Salads, rolls, chicken, potatoes, etc...
(McKenzie, Kajsa, Jessica, Hailey, MaryAnna)

This is how the boys ate

**Salads, rolls, prime rib, potatoes, etc...
(Davis, Mitchel, Dallin, Matthew, Ryan)

And this is how these boys ate!
** Pigs in a blanket and macaroni on the wall and ready to run
(Trey, Quinn, Zach)


emily, etc, etc said...

So cute. I have to admit, when I saw those little flower girl dresses I had my doubts (but didn't say anything) - but in those pictures on the girls they look adorable. What cute little nieces you have.

You look like a fox...wink, wink...

DeLong Family Members: said...

Those are such great pictures--and I agree with Ems, those flower girl dresses are darling. what cute cousins. It's weird that they have so many married cousins and so many little tiny ones. Maybe our family in ten years!!! And you look beautiful. MOM