Monday, August 24, 2009

Through the meat grinder.

I had an experience last Saturday that was pretty exciting. My friend and I went down to the Coast line to find a couple of caves. The shore line is what is called "karst" which is limestone that is eroded away just enough to make it razor sharp. We basically walked along a coral shelf. The key is to do it when the surf is low and the tide is low. The tides weren't bad but the surf was deadly and unpredictable. About half way to our destination we got hit by two huge waves that just ripped us off the rocks and dragged me through the karst. We were lucky we weren't dragged off the shelf or it would have been "curtains, I tell you Curtains". It was like I had a motorcycle accident without the motorcycle. I really got torn up. Basically it was my left arm and shoulder and both legs. I was bleeding like a stuck pig. We went on and found the caves then headed out, being much more cautious. Needless to say, I am one sore guy today. My knees are especially sore. It makes another great story. The question is; when am I going to start acting my age. Here are some pictures.


DeLong Family Members: said...

But, you're still smiling! -Jen

Ryan and Renee said...

Oh my heck. Dad, you are not a young boy anymore..... be careful grandpa!

marian said...

You are a maniac, but we like you that way.