Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lisa's Birthday Weekend

On August 20th it was Lisa's birthday. For her birthday she came here to hang out with her totally awesome sisters. It was such a fun weekend. We had a blast. Here are some photos from the weekend's events: Her birthday cake, made by Renee (I am so talented). I am actually very pleased with the way it turned out.
We rode the gondola at the Canyons Resort in Park City. It was an amazing view and so much fun. At the top we just hung out, ate popsicles, Emily, Lisa and Michelle went on a hike, and some people played horse shoes. It was fun.

Lisa blowing out the candle on her cake. I think she liked the cake too.

The sisters (minus Renee, who is big pregnant) have turned to bobsledding as a new sport. Look for them in the next Olympics.

This is us on the gondola. We had a good time.


DeLong Family Members: said...

You girls are amazing!! And you are all so beautiful. I am so happy you got to spend the weekend together. Your cake is amazing Renee!! I sure love you all, MOM

marian said...

y'all are ADORABLE! I can't wait to see you at Di's wedding.

Jenkins family said...

Yep - the best sisters ever!! Thanks ALL of you (husbands too) for making this a birthday I won't and don't want to ever forget. I MISS YOU!!! And, by the way, we should take up bobsledding - we are cute!

emily, etc, etc said...

Wow, I look fat. Oh was FUN!!!!