Monday, June 15, 2009

Party in July

You’re Invited to an
Around The World Celebration
When: Monday, July 20th at 5pm

Where: the rockin’ house in South Weber (Mom and Dad’s)

Who: members of the DeLong family

What: each family is assigned a country to represent at the party. Please prepare a dish from your country, look below to find out what you have been assigned. Please dress like your countrymen. Also, please prepare a short talent representing your country.

Jenkins: Italy, dessert
Hammond: Argentina, side or salad
Rasmussen: Hawaii/USA, main dish
DeLong: China/Taiwan, side or salad
Hill: Mexico, dessert
Rice: Greece, appetizers

Also: we will be having some fun entertainment at our party. Please be prepared for a piñata, the limbo, swimming (for the kids), and bocce ball.

*If you cannot make it or have any concerns please call ASAP


emily, etc, etc said...

Totally excited! Now I just need to figure out how to make fried ice cream - that is the only Mexican dessert I know of. Maybe someone else can clue me in on other Mexican desserts that might be a little simpler...

DeLong Family Members: said...

Hey--that sounds like so much fun!!! I want to come!!! Can I bring a Guamanian dish? We are so happy you are having fun together and we hope you know we will do lots of fun things when we get home. Love, MOM