Monday, June 1, 2009

Kate is GREAT!!!!

For anyone who hasn't heard yet Katy was selected to be on student council next year. From what I understand the process to become a student council member isn't based on popular vote, but rather a rigorous process of filling out an application and going through an interview with a panel of teachers. That sounds pretty scary for a fifth grader. There were over forty applicants and only about ten were selected (I think). I am so proud of Katy; I know she will do a great job. CONGRATULATIONS KATY!


Michelle - aka: soap star said...

That's my awesome daughter! She was very nervous, but wanted to be on it so badly that I even convinced her that for the interview she needed to wear a skirt and a nice shirt, which she did. Although she took the skirt, changed into it for the interview, then changed back into jeans. I also made her changer her answer of VanHelsing (thanks mike) as her favorite movie. I think dracula movies might give them the wrong impression! I'm very proud of her and she's very excited!!!!

Jenkins family said...

YEAH KATY!!! By the way, we are excited that you are joining the Jenkins clan for a while this summer. Hope you can stand us for that long!!