Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Guinea Pig with cage available!
This is Shaggy. His "friend" Scooby is the alfa-male. Scooby must have missed me while I was in France, because he has started biting Shaggy. Last week, Shaggy had a big bloody bite on his ear. I seperated them for a day, but Scooby did it again when I put them back together. Shaggy makes a scared chattering teeth sound around Scooby. Poor poor Shaggy now has an ear deformity. Poor poor me that I have to clean 2 cages now. We need to get rid of one of them. We decided on Shaggy, because he never bites and "we already had a black one". Any of you chicken-lovers want a cute furry loveable black guinea pig?

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emily, etc, etc said...

I am pretty sure my kids would wet their pants with excitement if I told them were adopting a guinea pig. I will run it by Scott, but don't hold your breath.