Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Katy had her 11th birthday was interesting. Don't get me wrong - it was great. I'm just so sad that she's 11. One more year and she will be going into young woman's. I remember her being born like it was yesterday. Oddly enough the most memorable thing was that it was a sunday and the hospital didn't have cable or a vcr. After a few hours of sunday morning and afternoon tv I was going insane wanting to just get my mind off of what was really going on! I love Kate so much and in spite of our fights, I couldn't imagine life without her. She is amazing!
Dang! These pictures were in teh wrong order. Oh well. One day Sammy looked like the very last picture, then I noticed some odd bumps. The doctor was just as surprised as me to diagnose him with Chicken Pox. It isn't like I have enough stress or things going on right now is it? Turns out, it was a HORRIBLE case of them too. He handled it amazingly well. I felt so badly for him. He had hundreds of them. He is just now starting to scab up and heal. It's been over a week. He's at Casey's now hanging out with him! Every time we pull into Casey's driveway he gets this huge smile on his face to see where we are. I'm glad that he loves Casey so much. I'm also glad that Casey is so willing to help me this last week so that I can get a few things done since I can't take Sam in public.

These pictures don't do the number of pox justice. They were EVERYWHERE! Poor little guy.

There's the happy little man that I adore before he got the chicken pox. Not that I don't adore him since he got them. He really was actually very pleasant for the most part. Just a couple of days here and there where he was very fussy and irritable. Can't blame him much though!
Overall the last month has been good. It's been a hard transition for all of us I think, including Casey. I do think that we both feel like we made the right choice. The kids are adjusting and probably doing better than either of us. I miss my friends and ward over there, and every time I drive over there with Sammy to visit Casey, I get this pit in my stomach because I miss it so much. I loved that neighborhood and all of my friends over there. I think it kept me married to Casey longer (sorry Casey if you are reading this).
Anyway, things are good - stressful but good. I love having so much time with my kids, I hate having a house less than 1/2 the size of my old one, I love that divorce was good for my diet (lost 10 lbs), and I love that I am feeling better and better every day (as is Casey I'm sure).
I hope that that was enough to catch me up for the next little while. I'll try to do better with blogging, but honestly, life has been very hectic and I don't see an end to it. My business is keeping me very busy, as is just life in general.

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Julie Jones said...

Michelle, we miss you too. I am glad to hear that you are doing so well!