Thursday, April 3, 2008

Positive feedback = full speed ahead

I am glad some of you commented on my suggestion. Roy thought it wasn't as good of an idea, but he isn't the biggest game-guy around. So, I thought that everyone could come up with 10 questions. That way, one couple won't have all the answers b/f our trip. -Jen


Ryan and Renee said...

I already have questions for this (like 50 questions to chose from). I just assumned that I would take care of it. I guess if you want to though, you can. I just thought one person knowing all the questions was better than everyone knowing a couple of questions. Anyways, I am happy to do it, so let me know. Thanks

Michelle - aka: soap star said...

I am fine with Renee just doing all of the questions as long as she promises that she and Ryan won't cheat :)