Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today was the big day - BACK TO SCHOOL! Part of me wants to be sad and lament the fact that I won't have my kids under my watch and care for six hours everyday. But then the saner part of me kicks in and wants to do a little hallelujah dance. I'm thinking that Zachy will probably gladly join me in my dance. He is so happy to have the XBox to himself again. The boys fell back into routine like they hadn't spent all summer staying up late and rolling out of bed just in time to catch "The Price is Right". Lulu, on the other hand, made Sleeping Beauty look like a light sleeper. Poor girl. She has never been the early bird at our house. And then we got to school to find a class of 4 girls and 11 boys. She said it best, "It's like home - me, boys, a dad (her teacher is Mr. Dickinson), and a mom (the teacher's aide is Mrs. Osborn). At least she was good humored about it. Not much else to speak of. Life is normal again - and that is a good thing!

Congratulations to Scott and Em. Reunions just got easier....we'll let you know when we're coming and, presto, it's a reunion! We love you all.


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