Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sister Trip Info and Plan...thus far...

Hi there girlies!

I am excited to announce that St. George is the chosen destination for our sisters' trip this year! Won't that be fun! Here is the plan...

Date: Wednesday July 18th to Saturday July 21st
Proposed schedule --
Wed: everyone arrive, really whenever you want/can. Chill by the pool, go out to eat at some fun restaurant, play games

Thurs: Early morning hike, sight-seeing (here are some possibilities) --
Brigham Young Winter Home
Jacob Hamblin home
St. George Tabernacle

Tuacahn on Thursday evening to see "Hairspray" (such a fun show with such great music)

Fri: pedicures in the morning, temple session in the afternoon, calzones for dinner, evening hike if we are up for it.

Sat: Big breakfast, go home whenever you want.

Really my plan is to just spend time together. We don't have to do all the things mentioned above; those are just suggestions/ideas (although Tuacahn is kind of important to me). As it gets closer we can talk more about it. The one thing I need to know soon about is Tuacahn so that I can get tickets bought. We can talk about it when we go out to eat in a few weeks. So be prepared to talk...

Now that you all have the dates please start to plan accordingly. I am going to start planning the budget and let you know as soon as I can how much you can plan on spending.

This should be lots and lots of fun!!!!


scfinder said...
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DeLong Family Members: said...

That looks fun. I would like to schedule some sit by the pool and read and lounge around time too. - Jen