Saturday, December 3, 2011

A couple of years ago, as some of you read about last year, we started what has become a tradition in our family. My mom hosts a gingerbread house party. All moms and their daughters that are 8 or older can come. We all bring our own gingerbread houses, which we all make from scratch, and then decorate them at Mom's house. Each year we get better and better and each year we learn more and more. Dad insists that this year they are the best ever! They turned out pretty amazing!
This is Elisabeths (Sam and Melissa's daughter)
This one is Renee's
The above house is Emily's and her daughter Lily's (her first year attending)
The house above is Rebecca's (Jen and Roy's daughter)
We loved how Mom's house (above) turned out this year! So cute!!!
The above house is Katy's (Michelle's 14 year old)
This is Jen's house. The thatched roof is amazing!
This is Michelle's house.
And the last one shown is Jane's (Michelle's 11 year old)

This is really fun tradition. We all bring a snack and just eat, laugh, and make huge messes. At the end of it all, we all just stand back and admire our work.

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marian said...

Holy Cow girls! What beautiful sugar you make!