Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's the Point of this Blog!

So we have this blog, why aren't we using it? I LOVE hearing and seeing your lives and want us to use this more. Put funny things on that your kids say. Put fun pictures of things that you are doing. Post recipes that you find that are amazing and totally easy (for people like me). I am just as guilty as anyone of not posting on here enough. Let's have some fun and get more involved in knowing and sharing our lives! For example, yesterday I went to Renee's after work for mate, and she had some soup in her crock pot. It smelled SO good. I asked what it was and she gave me the recipe and I went home and made it and LOVED it. It was so good. It was a cream of zucchini soup and the kids liked it a lot too. She should post the recipe it was that good! I miss hearing from you guys and because I work, I don't usually know what's going on as much as the rest of you maybe. Although I will say, I LOVE my job and am so happy right now. I smile almost every day and love what I do. Weird! I never thought I would say that. So share your lives people, I want to know what is happening :)

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