Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello Family!

So it seems we are going with the pigment-dyed shirt. Sam suggested that we each pick our own shirt colors and then print the same logo on all of them. It is a great idea! The logo will be all black for simplicity in printing. Below are the links to the four different shirts; mens, womens, youth, and toddler. Go to those links, pick the color you want and then e-mail that info to me. DO NOT order it yourself; if we all order them together then we will get free shipping; plus then I will have all the shirts here to print on. You may notice that the women's shirt is a different brand than the other two...they are completely out of stock on the original one I looked at and plus this one is cheaper. I received the sample shirts in the mail today and I really like the feel of this women's shirt.

Here are the links:


On sizing: I ordered a medium - it fits, but is a little snug through the shoulders and hips. I will probably order another one in large. I think a medium would fit Lisa, but anyone with any chest (Michelle and Jen), broad shoulders (all of us), or hips (me) would probably want a large. I would think the older girls like Katy and possibly Becca and Lizzy would fit into a women's small if they didn't want to go with the youth shirt. I will be up at Mom's on Friday evening if any of the locals want to come and see the shirts first hand to decide. (Lisa, let me know if you want a medium and if you want it in chili - don't feel obligated, I will still wear it, but if you want it, it is here)

I ordered Scott a medium in the men's shirt and although it looked big at first, once he tried it on it fit great.

I ordered Adam a youth small - it is way too big and fits Lily. In store sizes, Adam wears a 6/7, so my guess is that an XS would equal a 6/7 and a small would equal 8 or even a 10.

I didn't order a baby one, so those of us with babies will just have to guess. I will tell you though that the company that manufactures that shirt is a little higher end in the t-shirt printing world, so I am guessing that the sizing will be fairly accurate to the retail market.

Like I said; I will be at Mom's on Friday so feel free to come and look then to assess what sizes and colors you want. Also, Scott ordered a black one (it is kind of a faded black). We thought it might look cool because then the printing would be kind of subtle. We will try and make it soon and let you all know how it looks on a darker color. I think this will be fun.

Also, I wanted to let you know about pricing. Shirt pricing is based on market values and fluctuates a lot. So when you go to these links and see one price but then are charged a different price it is because the price of the shirt either went up or down at the time I placed the order (it will probably go up since the price of commodities in general are going up). But it won't be too much different than the price you see - it really only fluctuates by about 50 cents to a dollar.

One last thing; Lisa asked if for her older boys' shirts I not print the family names on the back. So I am not putting that part on the back of their shirts (which I can understand...they may not want to walk around with a shirt that says Lulu, Jimmer, and Gracie on it). If you or your child would also like to opt out of that feature then just let me know - it makes it no harder to not print that on the back of some shirts.

It would be great if everyone could let me as soon as possible which color shirts they want. That way I have time to see if it is in stock, get them ordered, shipped to us, and then printed. Let's say that everyone let me know no later than June 3rd. Let me know if you have any questions.

I am so excited for the reunion. I think it is going to be awesome!!!!


Ryan said...

The woman's shirt color selection is pretty limited, can I order a men's shirt? They have better colors.

Ryan said...

Okay, that sounds like Ryan is gay and wants a woman's shirt.... this is Renee. I want a men's shirt (Ryan probably does too).

emily, etc, etc said...

Yea, you can order whatever you want.

Jenkins family said...

@Ryan/Renee - . . .not that there's anything wrong with that. . . :)

david kulligan said...

Jiffy Sucks.. I never buy from again, they are pathetic in support.

Alvano Richie said...

I love all of my Authentic Pigment, comfort colors and bella shirts! When it comes to comfort, you can't beat them. The first time you put one on, it feels like you've owned it for years. Very happy with both the shirt, and the seller. I bought from: