Thursday, May 20, 2010

I posted my pictures on my facebook page. I could post them here too, but then I would have to use Roy's computer b/c that is where the pictures are. If you want, I will do that.

The real reason I am writing today is I found the best way to keep my house clutter-free. We have been using the system for a week and a half. It is called "the clutter jail". The way it is set up is I go through the house every night and pick up everything that is out of place. I put a small colored sticker corrisponding to the day of the week on each item. They have one week to "post bail" on that item. In order to post bail they have to find something else out of place and swap that for their item OR they can do a chore to get it out. So pretty much after that first night, the kids were cleaning up all the clutter to get their stuff back. I also have let each of them have one thing out of jail freeeeee, if I don't have to pick up anything the night before. It has happened twice. :) I have those rules posted on a large clear container. Right now the clutter jail is way full of mostly Will's stuff. He hasn't quite caught the vision. But it has been a raving success! You wouldn't believe how clean my house is. Well, I guess you would if you've been here after Valeria has been here.

PS I think my awesome paper with all the rules and stuff has been erased. Bummer. It is really clever.


DeLong Family Members: said...

That sounds like a great idea. I remember a similar thing Dad did when you were little. Can't wait to see the dog. What kind of dog is it? I always thought it would be fun to have a "nice" dog. MOM

DeLong Family Members: said...

We aren't sure what kind of dog it is, but we think it is some kind of Yorkie mix. Really small. We are pretty sure it is a puppy. I never really considered myself a dog person, but I have enjoyed having a little shadow following me around the house. He gets so excited to see me and Andrew. He is still warming up to everyone else. Very cute and calm for a little puppy/small dog.