Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Corn

Ryan has been working so hard in the garden. We've never had a garden before, so this year has been our first and Ryan has loved it! He has done a lot of work, but his favorite thing by far in the garden is the corn. He has really babied that corn. Here is a picture of Isabel in the corn. It's so tall, it's actually taller than me. I am really hoping that we get a good crop from it. Ryan will be so dissapointed if we don't. I will let you all know. On a side note, our garden has been producing so good this year. So far we've gotten peas, beans, raspberries, yellow squash, zuchinni, and tomatoes. We have lots of pumpkins growing and the corn of course. Also, our chicken have started laying eggs. We get about 2 a day right now, but that will increase over time. It is so much fun having chickens and a garden. I love not having to buy the vegetables and eggs at the store anymore. It is so great! We are always going to have a garden, and chickens of course since they are ours.

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DeLong Family Members: said...

Wow, great picture. The corn looks great and I am so glad you are succeeding with the gardening and with the chickens. MOM