Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Jenkins Update

Here is what has been happening around here since Gary and I got home a couple of weeks ago. Pretty much life as usual.

Science Fair Project

Pinewood Derbybob

High School Musical on ICE

and FINALLY...


Way to go Skinny-Quinny.

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emily, etc, etc said...

I have several comments - first, could your children look any more perfect in that snow pic. "Hi, we are the Jenkins kids and we are truly perfect and darling. Don't you want to be us or have kids like us?" Holy cow, there is even a dog - you should send the picture to the Friend or something.

Second, LOVE the science project. Mostly I love the title - totally creative. Who came up with that? and what did you find out. The text was too small for me to read the findings.

Third, Ryan's car is pretty much the coolest pine-wood derby car EVER!!!!! I can't wait to show Scott.

Last, are you sure Quinn didn't escape from Ethiopia (of course he would be considered an albino there). Those are the skinniest legs I have ever seen. But such cute boxer-briefs (Tubby LOVES his). I think I am going to start calling him Quinn Quinn Squarepants. Oh and good job Quinn Quinn on potty training - you are stud!

Thanks for the update - very fun.