Thursday, September 25, 2008

My sisters

I just got some of the pictures from the reunion and I love this one. It says so much about us. You have me, Renee, being more goofy than sexy. Emily and Michelle looking hot and dramatic. Jen, about two seconds behind everyone else. And Lisa .... I can just hear her saying to herself, "these silly sisters of mine, I can't do that." I love this picture! Melissa is taking the picture, which there again says a lot about the family. She always taking the pictures and we're always posing. Good times!


Emily, etc, etc said...

I too, love that picture - although I look rather fat (or pregnant). I am pretty sure that was the worst wardrobe choice I have ever made.

DeLong Family Members: said...

And just for the record...I don't think you are the silliest sisters - okay, maybe a couple of you. Really the look I am pulling is more of a "yeah, right" look. I sort of feel every bit my 39 years - stike a pose is far from me.

marian said...

You are all NUTS! (and very pretty), so it the ocean (very pretty that is, not nuts).