Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Reunion Anyone!

Okay, so I've been planning a lot of stuff. Here is a long list of items I need to tell you all about and some items I need help with. So, here it goes......
I need people to buy prizes. Here is a list of prizes needed:
30 suckers (more or less)
20-30 Kid prizes (dollar store stuff or whatever)
3 Adult type prizes
I need someone to find a golf course for the golf game.
If you have not given me shirt sizes, please do that asap.
We are doing an "Egg Drop" at the reunion.
I'll explain: Below you will find a list of items you may use. In groups of either 1 or 2, you will construct a container to hold your egg. Create your egg container now or at the reunion, but you can only use the approved items. While at the beach we will be dropping everyone's egg containers, with an egg inside them, from the top of the house. Whoever's egg does not break, wins. If you have questions, please let me know. Here is the list:
10 pieces of paper
4 rubberbands
10 toothpicks
5 popsicles sticks
3 cotton balls
4" of duct tape
6 paper clips
14" of string
10" of scotch tape
Good luck - I look forward to some interesting creations!


DeLong Family Members: said...

I'm good with the suckers and/or kid prizes. Have someone else with more class handle the grown up gifts. I'm better at sticky and tacky. One question - is it an egg drop per family? Or can we have multiple entries (ie, Davis vs. the rest of the Jenkins)? Thanks Nee!

Ryan and Renee said...

Lisa will be doing the suckers and 10 kid prizes.