Monday, June 16, 2008

Someone has to have SOMETHING to say!

So, I figure that someone has to write something. I mean come on - we have to have something to say!

I will tell you all (mostly Lisa) that we have decided that we need to make a full size life-size cardboard Lisa. I came up with that brilliant idea the other night when we were taking a picture of mom with all of her girls (except Lisa of course). We were missing her and saying that she should be in our pictures and so, because she/you is/are so far away, it would seem that the only solution, other than moving (out of the question I suppose), is to make a stand in! We'll get on that asap!

In other news - my party at Renee's went well and we have one scheduled for next week at Melissa's.

The REALLY exciting news (other than working on a cardboard Lisa) is that I found the CUTEST white dresses at Children's Place. Not only were they the cutest, but they were on sale. Yeah, that's right - on sale. $20! Alright, that's not a steal, but it is a sale and seeing as they are the cutest dresses, I found it to be well worth it. There were actually two different styles and TOTALLY perfect for pictures on the beach. I'm just letting all of you know that have daughters because they are really pretty and I love them. I'm not letting the girls touch them, however, until that very day!

Other news - none!

Love - Michelle

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