Friday, May 9, 2008

What will he think of next?

I went to visit the parents today, I know you're all thinking "Renee, visiting the parents? how strange", and while there I noticed something different in the driveway. Evidently crawling under a car is too much work. Tipping one over is much easier. So, as if our parents weren't weird enough, they now have this sitting in their driveway. And we call the neighbors the Clampets? Lets see, dad plays the banjo, loves to sit by a fire, has this car in his driveway, and wears a lot of denim. Dad, I think you are Joe Clampet!

1 comment:

Emily, etc, etc said...

Man, you can say that again. How is that thing staying up with out falling completely over on its side. Good times for old Joe Clampet!