Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Family Reunion News

This is very exciting stuff, so get out your calendar and mark the dates of the Rockin' DeLong Family Reunion! Most of you know the dates, but the actual reunion starts on Wed. (I think it's the 6th of August) and ends Saturday morning. It's going to be so much fun. As I have self appointed myself as "Reunion Director", I have been planning very fun stuff for the reunion. I want to make you all aware of what you need to prepare for this big event. Here is an over-view of the events happening.......
Beach Kickball (there will be two teams, with team leaders being Gary and Sam: Blue vs. Orange)
Crafts/Activities with Casey and Melissa (mostly for the kids, but adults are more than welcome)
The Family Talent Show (each family will have 5 minutes to do whatever they would like; sing, dance, a skit, magic show, etc. Please do not exceed your 5 minutes)
Family Pictures (we will be having a poll about the attire for this event)
Beach Olympics
A game called "Guess that Ancestor"
Bingo Night (this will be super fun and we will have prizes)
Sandcastle building contest (this can be done with teams or individually)
Brother's golf in the morning
The Famiy Video (Melissa is doing this, she will let you know about pictures)
As you can see I have a lot planned. If you have any ideas, please let me know (by the way this is Renee). I am super excited for this reunion. I keep you all posted on what is to come. Also, please vote on what attire should be worn for the family pictures. Thanks


Michelle - aka: soap star said...

So much fun Renee! As far as the family pics go, I would say jeans and pastel shirts of any variety (white included) and sun dresses for the little girls if desired of any pastel color. I would say no hats on any of the kids or adults for that matter. I think casual would be better. We could even do something like everyone in bare feet with pants rolled up just a bit. I've seen that before and it looks really nice and casual. That's my vote.

DeLong Family Members: said...

Not sure about the pastel for my boys - although, Gary still might have a light pink Izod around. Roy, do you? You know, the one you wore with your sock tie and dock shoes. Love that look! I do like the barefoot, rolled pants thing. Another possibility is khaki and white. Would we blend with the beach too much? Whatever, I really don't care as long as we wear clothes...the alternative would NOT be good in photos. YIKES!