Friday, February 29, 2008

New Commander In Chief (self appointed I might add)

So, you should be noticing some changes taking place on our family blog. Not that Renee wasn't doing a fabulous job, but she resigned as you all know. I got the most votes (a whopping 3) to be the new caretaker of the blog and so without being asked (I'm either a self-starter or just sick of waiting for someone to formally ask), I'm going to do the honor of appointing myself as the new commander in chief of our family blog. Go ahead and post things when you want, and I will manage it all. How fun is that?


Casey Rasmussen said...

I would like to sustain my wife and to let her know that I am going to support her in this huge responsibility. I feel like the first lady only I am a man.

Ryan and Renee said...

Is this Emily or Michelle? I can't tell. Who is our new commander of the blog? Whoever it is, thank you. I am tired of doing it. Thanks