Thursday, November 1, 2007

Jenkins Family Update

I guess November is my month to blog...where have you all been?? Thanks for keeping things current Renee.

Here are some hightlights since August...

The Jenkins Reunion trip to Banff was amazing. It was the perfect vacation: great food, nice condos, cute towns to walk around, and incredibly scenic hikes in canyons and around
glacial lakes. Can't we work on something like that for Mom and Dad's. Maybe at Lake Como?

Disneyland was a blast!
The hightlight was definitely Zachy's debut as a Jedi in training...

or maybe spending the day with Steve Stewart. It was a bit like having Robin Williams around - completely unpredictable and very entertaining. The image of Steve with Zach on his shoulders running through the crowded Main Street of Disneyland to get to the Nemo ride will forever be etched in my mind. We love Uncle Stevie!

Gary and I spent a great weekend in Arizona for my 20-year reunion. I had no idea what to expect...but ended up having a really great time reconnecting with some great people. And Gary, of course, proved to be the perfect man to drag along to one of those things: Mr. Genial.
Front: Shelle Mask, Aliesa Jensen, Chisty Crane, Laurie Shahan
Couch: Erin Miller, Kelly O'Bryant, Me, Gayla Garn, Shannon Coates, Missy Roberts
Back: Diane Freeman, Suzie Marsh
Taking the Picutres: Alyson Wright and Aimee Moody

Halloween was perfect - even Dad would have liked it. All seven of us visited four of our neighbors where the kids were loaded with candy (we were the only ones to come by all night). Then we headed home, made popcorn, ate candy, and watched "The Haunted Mansion" with the Trentmans. Perfect - not much fuss, no expense, good times, and in bed by 9:30. (Santa, Witch Doctor, Snow White, Obi Won, Little Bee)

And finally, proof that she really is our girl:
lower half of face & forehead = Gary
upper half (okay, lips, eyes & nose) = Lisa
We love our Lulu!


Ryan and Renee said...

I love your pictures! Lulu is so cute, tell her I love her picture. Also, nice Halloween costumes. I love the bee. Oh, and I love the picture or Zach fighting Darth - totally awesome!

The Jenkins said...

We can't wait to see you all for christmas! Samuel is so excited to see Lulu!